Here you can search for and see information about the hotels and services including descriptions and photos


Here you can search for and book hotels and services. You can do this either by a fixed date, or flexible date search

Note that when you click on DETAILS for a hotel, you will get to see descriptions, facts, location on a map, and if you selected “flexible”, you will see the price for the full stay you asked for, but with different start dates.


Here you can see your current and future bookings (bookings with start dates before October 1st will not appear). Please note that we are still migrating the future bookings from our old system, so it could be that not all your bookings will be there and the information may not be 100% correct (yet). Rest assured that if you have future confirmed bookings, there is no issue at all – we are running both system concurrently as we finalise the migration of all bookings


Here you can search for and download price lists by hotel, either in Excel or PDF
From the ACTION button, you can also download the consolidated tariff with all hotels and the availability report


Note that you can also book “On Request” products. Please remember that if you select dates for a hotel where we have received a “Stop Sell”, then that hotel will not show in the results. Please contact your Destination Specialist or Market Manager to try and get the rooms offline.


You have been provided with your Company Manager user and password. With this account you are able to create new accounts for your staff but always linked to the main company account and responsibility.


As mentioned, this is just Phase 1 of our rollout, so there are a few limitations which I would like you to be aware of:

  • The system will allow you to make bookings, no matter your credit status. Therefore, if a booking request is made outside your credit limit, we will contact you for payment before reconfirming said request.
  • Bookings made with availability is OK are held, pending validation of your credit limit status
  • Bookings made “On Request” will first have availability checked and once we have availability, and depending on your credit status, we will contact you immediately

Phase 2 of our system will enable Credit Limit checking as well as a payment gateway with Credit Card facility.



Automatically our system will quote an extra bed for the 1st child when sharing with adults. As you know, some Dubai hotels offer the child for free using the parents existing bedding. If you would like to take advantage of this free child rooming option, you cannot currently do this online, but is available by email or telephone with your Destination Specialist or Market Manager


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