Corporate Social Responsibility

Travel overcomes border1s and brings people together: the travel and tourism sector creates a vast melting pot of nations, peoples and cultures. Over 1 billion people travel every year, making the sector one of the biggest in the world, a major employer and a key element in the global economy.

But travel has its flipside, too. The environmental impact of ever-growing mobility, the loss of coastlines and other natural landscapes to unchecked building development, poor working conditions and sexual exploitation are just some of the negative consequences of the steady and ceaseless growth of the global travel sector.

Desert Gate is aware that enduring success is not possible unless we treat the environment and society in general with care. As a regionally active tourism business, we have a responsibility towards the people and the environment in the destinations we serve, and in the places our customers come from. For Desert Gate, sustainable business means combining economic success with a responsibility for the environment and society. The aim of the sustainability strategy is to minimize the risks and the negative impact of our business while also tapping into new business opportunities.