PREMIUM FIT (Individual)
Whether it be a complete circuit or quick tour to the desert, Desert Gate organizes every aspect of the trip from transfers to excursions and hotels, all our trips are hand crafted and built to the exact specification of our guests. No detail is left out to make every trip a “trip of a lifetime”.

We deal with the top 5* and selected 4* hotels in all our destinations. We have allotments and up to the minute pricing not just in the regular rooms, but also in those hard to get suites and villas. You can book these online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or with our super friendly multilingual Destination Experts who can advise you on the best solution for your guests.

Like all the other operators, we have the full range of city tours, dinner cruises, helicopter rides and dinner in the top hotels. We also have our own desert camp which is considered as one of the best in the regions. What really makes us stand out is our catalog of specialized excursions which are only available to our Partners. These excursions are themed (such as luxury, romantic gastronomic, cultural, sport or nautical among others)

Desert Gate was originally founded to serve the transportation needs of other companies. As such, we now have access to one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the region. From small vehicles up to the most luxurious limousines or 4×4, we have them all.

DG Luxury is based on a concept that is very simple – “there are no limits to luxury”. We will handcraft a trip to exactly your guests needs, and if he or she does not know what they need, we will help them discover it. Needless to say, the details are in the execution, and each itinerary has many built in additional values, surprises and details that only DG Luxury can offer. Several of our top management comes from Luxury outbound backgrounds and are used to dealing with Presidents, Prime Ministers and the Most Demanding of VIPs !

Premium Family Travel needs a real expert to handle it well. At DG, we have these experts who realize that a Family trip is not just what the parents or grand parents want but also the children or grandchildren. We realize that everyone should have their expectations exceeded and we work to make sure that the trip has something for everyone, not just the simple beach and waterpark ! DG is also expert in a new segment that is “Multi Generational Trips” which could include up to 4 generations and guests from 100 years all the way down to 0. These MultiGens, as we call them, are even more complicated as they involve specialist rooms, activities, transportation and services.

Desert Gate has decided to focus its Meetings & Groups business on the high end. Whether it be a 2 day board meeting for 6 people, or a 6 day premium event for 40, DG has the experience, knowhow and contacts to successfully carry out the event, in partnership with our sister company EventsLab

Desert Gate has a sister company “EventsLab” which is dedicated to the production and management of events such as product launches, meetings, exhibitions or maybe just a romantic dinner on the beach. Eventslab has the experience, contacts and knowhow to successfully produce any type of event, and has done so for Government agencies, multinationals and even just large families.

Desert Gate operates in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. We understand that there are guests who will want to visit 2 or more of our destinations. DG offers a seamless experience  across the destinations with one point of contact and one level of quality – Excellent.