We are conscious that there are many ground handlers in the region. So why should you partner with Desert Gate ? For us, the reasons are multiple and well defined:

We are a dedicated Premium DMC only serving the upper end of the market with uniform services in the UAE, Oman and Qatar.

Our CEO has been a leader in the regional tourism industry for over 20 years, and his highly experienced and international executive management team has over 75 years combined experience.

Commercial Philosophy
Desert Gate is your local partner in every sense. We believe in a hands-on collaborate approach to every corner of our business. We involve and interact with our partners on all levels helping them to manage and grow their traffic and volume to our destinations. We offer our extranet “DG World” and all its content to our partners, and we can white label most of our services, solidifying your own brand.

Innovative & Agile
At Desert Gate we are not happy just serving the normal products that everyone else has. We are consistently creating ‘out of the box’ innovative ideas in addition to customized programs, studied and created for each individual market. Our original programs and packages are exclusive to DG partners.

Solid Financial Background
Desert Gate has been in operation since 2004 with a perfect financial history.
It also has in place a sizeable liability insurance policy to cover you guests for any unforeseen incidents during our excursions or transfers.

Industry Relations
Due to our combined years in the industry and market, Desert Gate has excellent relationships and contacts at all levels in the hotels, resorts and with third party suppliers. This translates into preferential commercial agreements, priority access to inventory and quick resolution to any issues that may arise.

Desert Gate has the latest generation of technology for reservations and operations. Whether it be our self serve web booking engine or XML feed for integration into your own systems, our technology is scalable for every size of business or commercial need.

We are proud to offer our extranet community website “DG World” to all our partners. Here, not only will you find all the documents you need, full hotel and excursion descriptions, photos and videos, but you will also find local information, news alerts and an event calendar to see “what is going on”. DG World also houses all our latest deals, inspirations and offline tariff sheets, as well as profiles and fotos of the whole DG team.

The Human Touch
At Desert Gate, we have long been convinced that the human touch is essential to our industry and many companies seems to have forgotten it.

At DG, the human touch will be prevalent throughout the whole business. From the Group CEO all the way through to our Experts, drivers and Welcome Concierges at the airports, we understand that our guest comes first and all of us has to make sure that he/she will become a loyal ambassador to our destinations.


As you can see, the reasons to partner with Desert Gate are rather substantial. However, we do understand that it is not always an easy decision selecting a local partner so please contact us and lets us open together a pathway into the world of Desert Gate.