There are so many hotels in the region, and each one of them has its own personality, structure and facility set. Desert Gate works exclusively with only 5* and selected 4* properties, and we are experts in each one of them.
Not only do we know all the key staff in each hotel that we contract, but we know every detail about the rooms, facilities and restaurants.
Desert Gate has created and maintains long term relationships with all our suppliers and these relationships are bilateral. That is to say, we are commercial partners with them, and that partnership passes on to our travel trade partners around the world.
Unlike other companies, we offer not just the standard room type, but also the hard to get suites and villas, and as we concentrate on a smaller subset of hotels, we always have the latest pricing and offers, meaning that our time to channel is minimal and you will almost always be competitive with internet or direct pricing.

Desert Gate is your Premium Supplier of hotels in the UAE, Oman and Qatar


Desert Gate is a market innovator and is extremely proud of the fact that it offers not only the generic excursions and tours that are seen everywhere, but also a series of themed excursions and programs completely new to the market. These “DG Prime” excursions have been specially designed for Desert Gate by experts and will be exclusively available only to Desert Gate partners.
Desert Gate also packages intelligently its normal excursions to offer a more rounded out experience to its partners and guests, and lets not forget our Destination Specialists who will help craft a top notch itinerary with just the just excursions to make your guests holiday truly wonderful.
When it comes to quality, and whether it be our own 4×4 fleet, our superb desert camp or the Seawings seaplane, our Excellence staff are constantly checking the quality and safety of each excursion, reporting back to you our partners with their findings.

For Excursions and Programs, there is no better Premium Supplier than Desert Gate


Desert Gate has its fingertips an extensive fleet of vehicles from regular saloon cars up to the most glamorous BMW & Mercedes. Whether you need an airport transfer, a car for a night out, or you want to go visiting or shopping, we have exactly the car for your needs and budget.

All our fleet is less than 3 years old and is fully insured and maintained in tiptop condition. A portion of our Premium fleet is equipped with WiFi and we can install extra WiFi in any vehicle on request.

Desert Gate also has a fleet of modern buses for larger groups or families.

Desert Gate is the leading operator of Premium transfers

Full Escorted Group Tours

For those who don’t want to travel alone, Desert Gate offers a unique solution with its Small Group Tours. Far from being a stressful experience, our Small Group Tours are just for 12 to 24 guests, which allows you to move about more flexibly and enjoy more spontaneous encounters; and experience a degree of freedom and independence simply not available to travelers on larger, more conventional group tours.
Traveling on your own you’d probably see the major sights, but chances are you’d stick close to the traditional tourist routes. Our objective is to show you the major sights as well as taking you where you’d like to go on your own but don’t have the access or opportunity to plan yourself: behind the scenes, into private homes and traditional villages, to local schools and neighborhood restaurants, off the beaten path. And this is all in the company of experienced local Tour Directors who share their countries with you, bringing destinations alive in a truly personal and meaningful way.
Not only do these opportunities enhance your travels, but someone else makes the arrangements and manages all the details – leaving you free to savor the small group experience.

Small Group Travel is a breeze with Desert Gate.

Family Groups

Family Groups needs a real expert to handle it well. At DG, we have these experts who realize that a Family trip is not just what the parents or grand parents want but also the children or grandchildren. We realize that everyone should have their expectations exceeded and we work to make sure that the trip has something for everyone, not just the simple beach and waterpark ! DG is also expert in a new segment that is “Multi Generational Trips” which could include up to 4 generations and guests from 100 years all the way down to 0. These MultiGens, as we call them, are even more complicated as they involve specialist rooms, activities, restaurants, transportation and services. On the operational side, we assign a Family Concierge always ready to answer questions, resolve issues and, if necessary, source that very special “plush pink horse”.

Desert Gate is the natural choice for Premium Family Group travel

Leisure Groups & Incentives

A recent Pricewaterhouse report shows that 95% of top executives are worried about losing their key employees. 47% of those key employees are actively looking for other jobs. But 88% of employees who have been on an incentive trip feel more loyalty to their company.

In todays world of fast moving commerce and travel, the trend is for companies to invest in their staff and send them on an incentive trip.

At Desert Gate, we love the details that makes any group trip a picture book success and we always look for that “special touch” that makes it even more memorable.

Whether it is 10 people or a 1000 people, our desire is to make each participant feel unique and special. A happy guest makes a successful group which, in turn, leads to great repeat business.

Desert Gate is your local partner for Leisure Groups & Incentives

Premium Meetings

Desert Gate has decided to focus its Meetings business on the high end. Whether it be a 2 day board meeting for 6 people, or a 6 day premium event for 40, DG has the experience, knowhow and contacts to successfully carry out the event, in partnership with our sister company EventLab

Desert Gate is the best solution for your Premium Meetings

Multi Destination

Desert Gate operates in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. We understand that there are guests who will want to visit 2 or more of our destinations. DG offers a seamless experience across the destinations with one point of contact and one level of quality – Excellent.

Multi Destination Headaches ? Its easy with Desert Gate

Special Segments

We like to spoil our guests and we want to satisfy every desire, requirement or even eccentricity. Our years of trading and local knowledge and contacts have given us the experience to fulfill these needs and there is nothing that can surprise and almost nothing that we cannot organize! Because of the immense variety of geography of our region, Desert Gate can offer an extensive list of products and services that lets us create, organize, produce, coordinate and develop any activity that our guests might desire. Please find below a list of some of them, and if what you need is not there, just ask us for it –

Desert Gate works for you!

Personal Growth
Indigenous Traditions