There are so many hotels in the region, and each one of them has1 its own personality, structure and facility set. Desert Gate works exclusively with only 5* and selected 4* properties, and we are experts in each one of them.

Not only do we know all the key staff in each hotel that we contract, but we know every detail about the rooms, facilities and restaurants.
Desert Gate has created and maintains long term relationships with all our suppliers and these relationships are bilateral. That is to say, we are commercial partners with them, and that partnership passes on to our travel trade partners around the world.

Unlike other companies, we offer not just the standard room type, but also the hard to get suites and villas, and as we concentrate on a smaller subset of hotels, we always have the latest pricing and offers, meaning that our time to channel is minimal and you will almost always be competitive with internet or direct pricing.

Desert Gate is your Premium Supplier of hotels in the UAE, Oman and Qatar