Authentic Premium Experiences

At Desert Gate, we realise that the modern traveller looks for authentic local experiences. WowMeIn the Gulf Region, there are many such experiences to try and enjoy but few companies who promote them to their guests. We believe that we must carefully mix these experiences with some more modern day luxuries such as beach, shopping and sightseeing, so it is a delicate balance between old and new, modern luxury and authentic comfort.

In late 2015, Desert Gate was given the honor by the Dubai Tourism authority to run some of its local culture tours. Now we will take this experience further and provide a series of memorable experiences, borne out of the regions heritage, but carefully curated with passion for all that is this wonderful region.

Our pilot program was quietly started a few months ago with the launching of our beautiful Glamping product. You can see the video here or visit the fact sheet here. We then went on to create our Desert Photo Shoot as well as the Desert Drone Experience.

As the first program of our new DG Authentic series, we are launching “Fascinate · Float · Flop” which is a enchanting mix of todays Dubai with 3 nights in the marvellous Taj Dubai, 2 nights aboard a spectacular traditional yacht in the fjords of Musandam, and finally 2 nights relax on the  sandy beaches of the Waldorf Astoria in the “rising emirate” Ras Al Khaimah.

Keep coming back to this page as we add on new DG Authentic programs over the weeks and months to come.

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